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What Does Christmas Mean for You?

Christmas is fast approaching, and people are coming out of isolation and lockdown to tackle their annual preparations for this busy season. But I wonder how many will stop and reflect on what Christmas is really about.

In December 1975, Peg Eaton of Western Australia wrote the following words to her sisters of Australian Church Women:

‘Around the world at this time we pause to consider ONE SOLITARY LIFE. What will this mean to you as an individual, as you participate in this CELEBRATION OF PEACE AND GOOD WILL TO ALL MANKIND?'

‘The very words conjure up all manner of creative involvement. But we need to be aware that very often involvement is a delicate thing, requiring a great deal of thought and preparation and, often, maturity. And we must take care that we do not become so emotionally involved that our judgements and reasoning are clouded or prejudiced.

‘Let us move towards that which is better, remembering always that the important thing is to be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we may become.

‘And may we, as members of Australian Church Women, do just this as we grow in wisdom and knowledge of Christ and His purposes on earth.

‘A happy and joyous Christmas to you.’

Peg Eaton


How wonderful it would be if Christmas meant more than decorations, more than presents, more than festive food, more than a visit to Santa, more than a day at the beach, more than a seafood bbq, more than a break from work and study, more than parties, more than preparing for the Boxing Day sales, more than a feast of entertainment, more than being the ‘silly season’, more than an opportunity to drink too much, more than family arguments, more than going into debt for overspending, more than disappointment, more than loneliness, more than sad memories, more than neglect, more than being able to scam people, more than a chance to get even with foes, and the list goes on and on.

How wonderful it would be if everyone prepared for Christmas by thinking of and doing something beneficial for someone less fortunate than them.

And how amazing it would be if everyone was focused on celebrating and worshipping Jesus, the Saviour of all.


Women at Work, the newsletter of Australian Church Women, December 1975.


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