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Request From the National Archivist

Our National Archives have a few gaps in the records, and I’m hoping that ACW members and website visitors can help to supply the missing information.

Grateful thanks are extended to those who have already helped to find some of the missing pieces of the herstory of Australian Church Women. Please continue to share your ACW stories and memorabilia.

ACW sisters, please have a look in your Unit Archives and speak to the older and past members of your Unit. You never know what treasures you’ll be able to discover for our herstory.

Please contact me

if you have or know the whereabouts of the  items below, and please ensure you have permission to share any photos:

Updated 10 April 2021

Our Aim/Objectives

Australian Church Women Inc. seeks to unite Christian women across denominational boundaries and to promote peace, understanding and unity through faith and love in one God –Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


National President
Marj Dredge

National Secretary
Rosemary Pitman


National Website Manager
Major Donna Bryan

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