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Tell Me the Old, Old Story

Palm Sunday

Tomorrow, 5 April 2020, is Palm Sunday, and as I searched the archives of Australian Church Women for past messages on Easter, I came across this very apt prayer that appeared in the April 1973 edition of the ACW newsletter:

The sentiment of this prayer is a message that we are now hearing daily from world leaders and health authorities. That is, to save lives we must be obedient and make sacrifices.

Our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, keeps reminding us that with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are in 'unprecedented' times as we experience demands that are totally foreign to most Australians. In order to sustain life and secure the best outcomes for all people, we must put aside selfish pursuits and instead obey the new isolation rules and make sacrifices. Sacrifices that can be uncomfortable, and even distressing. Not being able to gather with family, friends, neighbours and colleagues is very difficult for us.

For me, it helps if I focus on all the good things that are happening as people are being kind to one another and the huge efforts being made by governments, employers, commercial enterprises, and non-government organisations and charities, to ensure that no one journeys alone through these uncertain days. I'm also looking ahead to the joy that will overflow when we exit this surreal pressure cooker environment that coronavirus has imposed on us.


The Good News of Jesus Christ is a simple message: we have new life through obedience and sacrifices, as we journey with Jesus to a future overflowing with joy.


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