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Is This What Christmas is all About?

On Christmas Day in 2003, one of our ACW members was a guest at a church service in Colares, 37 kms from Lisbon, Portugal. On Christmas Eve, the day before the service, she wrote this poem.


I’ve got three cards, but they’re not on display

(Is this what Christmas is all about?)

I’ve bought six baubles if you want them

Why bother, it’s just for one day!

(Is this what Christmas is all about?)

‘Merry’, ‘happy’, what’s the difference?

Is this what Christmas is all about?

Where have all the carols gone? I don’t hear them much

They’re swallowed by the jingles – even in Church

Is this what Christmas is all about?

The communion of saints at Colares


Singing carols

Reading the Word (which became flesh)

Giving each other the gift of good wishes

Sharing fellowship

In Christ’s name

This is what Christmas is all about

O come, let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!

©Lynette Green

24 December 2003


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