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Did You Know?

Did you know that Australian Church Women (ACW) has been using the term ‘herstory’ since at least 1987? I discovered this during my weekly trawl through our national records. The word ‘herstory’ leapt off the page when I began to peruse the minutes of the 1987 National Conference. Here is a clipping of my find:

On several occasions, I have been asked why I use the term ‘herstory’ and where did it come from. Discovering that ACW used 'herstory' for the theme of a “Getting to Know You” segment, on the first evening of the 1987 conference, demonstrates that I have not introduced a new word to ACW but, rather, I may just be using it more frequently.

When it comes to history and remembering events, most of us have trouble recalling what took place unless it was particularly significant, or it is brought to our attention numerous times. I’m sure you’ve all experienced an occasion when you forgot an upcoming appointment, anniversary or event until it suddenly loomed large in your diary, or someone reminded you that it was about to take place.

This is why the recording of history is so important—it connects us to the past, present and future and, hopefully, helps us to make good decisions about the present and future.

I think ‘herstory’ has become a more widely used term over the last twenty years, and some are even using it in a kitschy sense, which is not my aim. It’s just that ‘herstory’ adequately describes the activities, stories and achievements of our ACW members, as we strive to make them more widely known to both our members and those beyond our circle.

Our Herstory Blog is another opportunity to celebrate and be inspired by our members and their faithfulness and dedication as Christians. As I have said before, on our blog you will discover that Australian Church Women has been an active force of Christian women for almost 60 years.

I hope you will be surprised, encouraged, and inspired by the women of ACW as we share our herstory.

Recently, I have received a couple of ACW stories from members, which I will share on this blog in coming weeks. Please continue to share your ACW stories and send them to me at


Transcript of clipping:



"Del Monte" and Church of Christ Complex, Henley Beach, S.A.

September 12 – 18, 1987




Not HISTORY but HERSTORY was the theme for the "Getting to Know You" programme for the first night of Conference, led by Pauline Crosby. Each lady was given a coloured card with name of a Bible woman and Scripture Passage containing her story. Groups were formed according to the colour of cards and procedure was as follows:–

Silently read story.

Share with a partner the story of lady in Bible and how that related to personal experiences.

Partners share each other's life stories.

Each lady introduce partner to group.


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This Herstory Blog of Australian Church Women Inc. tells the stories of the women and activities of this national Christian organisation that was founded in February 1965.

Stories that inspired and encouraged me to begin this blog and share their inspiration with you. Stories that need to be told so that the women of ACW can be honoured and celebrated for their achievements and experiences in local, national and international communities of faith. And, most importantly, stories that demonstrate being disciples of Jesus Christ firmly underpins all that Australian Church Women represents.

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