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The FLC is Extraordinary!

The Fellowship of the Least Coin is an extraordinary vision that was given to Shanti Solomon, the founder of this prayer movement. It began in 1956,* and in the years since there has been verse, and songs, written for and dedicated to the Fellowship of the Least Coin. Here is one example of a poem penned to express the miracle of the least coin.

The Least Coin

So small a coin,

Its jingle is scarcely a sound,

Yet it rings like a celebration gong

The whole world round!

So small a coin,

Its value is nothing worth;

Yet it buys what no millionaire can buy,

The gentlest gift on earth.

So small a coin,

It cannot bear the name of sacrifice,

Yet it ransoms from indifference a love

Beyond all price.

So small a coin;

Here it lies hidden in my hand

And now it is given, suddenly we are one

From land to land.

So small a coin,

How can the God of the universe be aware?

My whispered dedication echoes on and on;

He knows I care.

So small a coin!

By Mrs Margaret Knauerhase,** Australia


Dorothy Wagner of the USA succinctly described the Fellowship of the Least Coin as:

‘Like a pebble dropped in a quiet pool, an idea born in the heart of a woman of India has spread in ever-widening circles of Christian concern throughout the world.’


**Margaret Knauerhase (1914–2016) was the daughter of Winifred Kiek Margaret was awarded Life Membership of the South Australian Unit of Australian Church Women in 1993.


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