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Can the Lost be Found?

As I proceed with my slow trawl through the National Archives of Australian Church Women, I continue to gather unanswered questions and puzzles that create gaps in our herstory. However, I feel confident that some of the documents and information that I cannot locate are still in existence, but I need others, particularly members of ACW, to help locate ‘the lost’.

I have made a number of requests already on this blog regarding the herstories of Australian Church Women, the Asian Church Women’s Conference and the Fellowship of the Least Coin. These are listed below and if you can help with these requests please email me at

1. Do you know the Christian names of the following women who were on the 1965 Working Committee of Australian Church Women?

  • Mrs Doratis, Greek Orthodox

  • Mrs A Dougan, Presbyterian

  • Mrs CF Gribble, Methodist

  • Mrs HJ Lilley, Methodist

  • Mrs F Stafford, Churches of Christ

2. Do you have a photograph of Mrs Mabel Wyllie or the first National Working Committee of Australian Church Women?

3. Do you have a copy or know the whereabouts of a 'Pictorial History of the ACW' prepared by Mrs Joan Coates of Melbourne? Apparently, it comprised 50 colour slides and a cassette tape recording.

4. Do you have a photo of Connie Tan Kwie Hwa of Indonesia, the first recipient of the Winifred Kiek Scholarship?

5. Do you know the location of any reports from Edna [Roughley] Beales on the 1962 Asian Church Women’s Conference?

6. Do you know of any photos from the 1962 Asian Church Women’s Conference?

7. Do you know of any sound or video recordings of Shanti Solomon, founder of the Fellowship of the Least Coin (FLC)?


Every few weeks I will post a list of requests on this blog, and I am so looking forward to being able to write FOUND next to some of these items.

Dear ACW sisters, please have a look in your Unit Archives for answers to these blog requests and also speak to the older and past members of your Unit. You never know what treasures you’ll be able to discover for our herstory.

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This Herstory Blog of Australian Church Women Inc. tells the stories of the women and activities of this national Christian organisation that was founded in February 1965.

Stories that inspired and encouraged me to begin this blog and share their inspiration with you. Stories that need to be told so that the women of ACW can be honoured and celebrated for their achievements and experiences in local, national and international communities of faith. And, most importantly, stories that demonstrate being disciples of Jesus Christ firmly underpins all that Australian Church Women represents.

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