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1978 New Year Message

In 1978, all the nations of this world were not trying to overcome the deadly grip of a highly infectious virus that has killed more than 1.8 million people and devastated world economies. However, many of the unjust issues that existed at the start of that year are unfortunately still with us today, and they continue to cause pain, distress, hardship and many needless deaths, especially for women and children.

This injustice was referred to in the 1978 New Year message from Australian Church Women. That message is still challenging us to lean into God and seek His wisdom and guidance in advocating for the vulnerable in our world, as we endeavour to create a just life for them.

‘New Year greetings

The Lord make you to increase and abound in love one towards another, and towards men, even as we do towards you. 1 Thess 3.12

‘I bring you this verse as we enter another year with thanksgiving and further opportunity for loving service. We have just celebrated the birth of Our Lord, the fulfilment of God's promises who opened the way of salvation for all people . . that we might be one in him.

‘Now a future and a hope are ours. Therefore, let us not live in idleness nor dwell in the past, but work diligently together whilst we wait the fulfilment of our hope, rejoicing in that life more abundant which is Christ's desire for each of us.

‘As we begin this New Year, we should remember especially women in less privileged circumstances, both in our own land and elsewhere. Pray for those who are very much a minority in countries torn by war and political unrest, that the strength of the Lord may be theirs to sustain and encourage. May this New Year greeting bring joy to your hearts and show forth in your lives.’

Glad West, Vice President.


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