‘Walk by Faith, not by sight’

Next month we celebrate World Community Day, and next week, on 1 October, we begin a month of prayers leading up to this event. This year’s theme is ‘Walk by Faith, not by sight’, and the service and prayers were prepared by the NSW Unit of Australian Church Women (ACW). World Community Day acknowledges the desire of Church women to fellowship and pray together for peace and justice. This special day began in the USA in 1943 and made its way to Australia through various Christian links. It was recognised and celebrated by a few inter-church councils across Australia, and in 1964 the Interim Committee of ACW began to look at coordinating the day as a national event. It became a united effort

Who Were They and What Did They Do?

I’ve stated previously on this blog that Australian Church Women (ACW) began on 11 February 1965 after functioning as an Interim Committee for two years. So, what did the newly formed National Committee and other participants do at their first meeting? Looking back at their agenda in the working documents for this meeting, it was quite an intense programme over their 1½ days stay at Deaconess House in Sydney. There were several issues to be finalised to set the new National Committee off on a firm footing, particularly the constitution and proposed ACW programme. The items they studied and discussed were: Review of the Interim Committee's work State and Territory reports Other reports Austra

Keelah Pulsford Dey

Keelah Pulsford Dey (née Dickson) is another past member of Australian Church Women (ACW) who appears in our Honouring Australian Church Women Book. She was a founding member of ACW and was elected as the first treasurer in 1965. Keelah represented the Congregational* Church in New South Wales. Education was important to Keelah, and as a young person she set her sights on becoming a teacher. She achieved her goal and received a diploma from the Sydney Kindergarten Training College. Keelah was known as a gracious and loving woman and no doubt those ‘little people’ in her care benefited from those personal qualities, including her two much-loved daughters. As a Church woman, Keelah was interes

1978 WKS Scholars — Part 2

Barkat Dass, our second Winifred Kiek Scholar for 1978, was from Karachi, Pakistan. She was a member of the Church of Pakistan and the principal of the Nursing School at Holy Family Hospital. Barkat travelled to Australia for further midwifery training and experience, and to undertake theological studies. Unfortunately, Barkat’s travel to Australia was delayed so she was precluded from the lectures of her theological studies. Instead, she studied three terms of correspondence lessons with her first term lessons of twelve weeks being completed in half the time. During the second term of these studies, she commenced her midwifery course at the Nepean Hospital, Sydney. Barkat applied herself we

Our Aim/Objectives

Australian Church Women Inc. seeks to unite Christian women across denominational boundaries and to promote peace, understanding and unity through faith and love in one God –Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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