1978 WKS Scholars — Part 1

At the 1977 National Committee Meeting of Australian Church Women, it was announced that two Winifred Kiek Scholarships would be offered for 1978. Up until this meeting, there was only one scholarship awarded each year. It was decided to offer two scholarships because the scholars’ expenses for the two previous years ‘had not been high’. The two new recipients were Miss Tapati Das from Dacca, Bangladesh, and Miss Barkat Dass of Karachi, Pakistan. This week I present Tapati and next week Barkat will be featured. At the time of her application for a scholarship Tapati was 27 years old, and she lived in densely populated Dacca (now known as Dhaka), the capital city of Bangladesh. Her father was

Silver Jubilee of the FLC

On the eve of the 25th anniversary year of the Fellowship of the Least Coin (FLC) prayer movement, a celebration took place to mark this significant occasion. A Silver Jubilee gathering was held in Manila, the Philippines, from 26 November–3 December 1980. The Philippines is where Shanti Solomon was inspired to begin 'a Fellowship that would join together the hearts and hands of the women of the world in reconciliation, prayer and giving'. The theme of the jubilee was: Prayer, Partnership, Peace. Australian Church Women (ACW) commemorated this event across our country, and Marie Price, the FLC Convener of ACW, reported on the Silver Jubilee in the 1981 National Working Documents. Marie wrote

‘Go and Do Thou Likewise’

Five women from Australia attended the 5th Assembly* of the Asian Church Women’s Conference (ACWC), which was held in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1974. They were Fran Bailey, who was elected Vice-President of the ACWC; Rachel Cocks, the newly elected Australian National Representative to the ACWC; Joy Smith, National President of Australian Church Women (ACW); and Maisie McKenzie and Ailsa (Ails) Webber, both from the Northern Territory. *Unfortunately, I do not have a photo of this 1974 Assembly of the ACWC and neither does the ACWC office. If you have or know the whereabouts of any photos of this assembly, please contact me donna.bryan@salvationarmy.org.au Rachel Cocks was a member of the Tasman

Mary Wood and the Founding of the Tasmanian Unit of ACW

Let’s journey down to Tasmania today and have a brief look at the part that Mary Seavington Wood played in the founding of firstly, the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Tasmania, and then the Tasmanian Unit of Australian Church Women (ACW). Beginning with a little background on Mary, before she arrived in Tasmania, we learn that she was born on 25 June 1912 to Francis and Charlotte Stuckey in Sydney, New South Wales, where she continued to live until 1938. After graduating from Sydney University, Mary became a social worker and married her Victorian fiancé, Gillam ‘Pat’ Wood, in Sydney in 1937. They had met at a student Christian Movement Conference and after their marriage, Gillam was ordain

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