Eileen Dingle

This week we’re going to travel to Queensland to find out what the Queensland Unit of Australian Church Women (ACW) had to say when they honoured Eileen Dingle in the ACW Bursary Book, now known as the Honouring Australian Church Women (HACW) Book. Eileen was born 114 years ago in 1906, and she became one of the long-standing members of the Queensland Unit of ACW, having also been a founding member. In the tribute from the Queensland Unit, little information was given about her early life as they chose to focus on her achievements as a valued member of her Church and community. She was married to Rev RSC Dingle, who was President of the Methodist Conference of Queensland, and they had three

‘bridges to Asia’

This week, let’s have a closer look at some of the preparations for the 1965 Fellowship Day. 1965 was the year that Australian Church Women (ACW) officially began, and so did their responsibility to coordinate Fellowship Day nationally. Reading through the national report and minutes, in our records, gives us some background to the production of the order of service and accompanying study material, which was titled ‘bridges to Asia’. The theme was influenced by the presence in Australia of the first Winifred Kiek Scholarship holder, Miss Connie Tan Kwie Hwa, a social worker from Djakarta, Indonesia. Connie attended and took part in the 1965 Fellowship Day in Brisbane and several centres in S

Prayer of the Fellowship of the Least Coin

O loving Creator, we present ourselves in your divine presence to thank you for all the bountiful gifts of life. We are especially grateful for the Fellowship of the Least Coin which binds us together in love and forgiveness around the globe. Free us from all doubts and prejudices, we pray. Inspire us to live in solidarity with humankind that we may know the joy of giving and receiving. Dear God, accept the least coin ‘token of love’. Make us mindful of the miracles of these coins. Let us honour your creation with love, as shown through the life and resurrection of your son, Jesus the Christ. Amen. The well-known prayer of the Fellowship of the Least Coin (FLC) came about in 1987 when Shirin

‘Who is my Neighbour?’

At the 4th Assembly of the Asian Church Women’s Conference (ACWC), Mrs Betty (Elizabeth) Ashton was an observer for Australia. A brief report of her experience was published in the October 1970 edition of Women at Work, the national newsletter of Australian Church Women, and Betty managed to convey many images of the conference in her summary of this event. 'The fourth Asian Women’s Church Conference, held at Sukabumi, Djakarta, 9th–18th September, was a very enriching experience for all who attended it. 'Approximately 140 delegates were drawn from the women of the member churches of the East Asia Christian Conference, to which the Australian and New Zealand churches belong. – Ceylon, India,

Founding the ACW Memorial Bursary

It was decided at the ACW National Meeting in February 1972 to establish a Memorial Bursary Fund for contributions received in tribute to former members of Australian Church Women, and this Fund began with an initial donation of $121. The Memorial Bursary was to be awarded annually to the successful applicant of the Winifred Kiek Scholarship, and the Fund was specifically for the purchase of study books. Where possible, the award was to be made as an official presentation at the National Committee Meeting. The application forms used to state it was desirable that the successful scholar was present at the National meeting. The presentation took the form of a cheque to an agreed amount togethe

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