Fellowship Day

A couple of weeks ago, my attention was caught when I was reading some of our old newsletters in the archives of Australian Church Women (ACW). The July 1972 issue began with an introduction that has become all too familiar for people all over our world, at the moment. This introduction was written by Ruth Lane, and she was rejoicing that ‘July brings Fellowship Day!’ with the theme – ‘Rejoice in Hope!’ Not only did she announce the annual Fellowship Day joyfully, but she also told the readers that she had been confined to her house for several weeks with a recurring virus. Sound familiar? This is a copy of her announcement: Here we are nearly fifty years later and, collectively, we again th

The Future of Conferences?

For the first decade after the formation of Australian Church Women (ACW) in 1965, an annual national committee meeting was held and various national and state representatives were invited to attend. At the 1966 national committee meeting, there were 30 participants. They comprised: 12 state representatives, 8 denominational representatives, 1 representative from the YWCA, and 9 representatives from the Australian Council of Churches, including 3 men. Eight years later, at the 1974 national committee meeting, approximately 65 attended to discuss the business of ACW and make plans for the next two years. Conference numbers had been growing as more state and territory members, not just delegat

Would You Believe Another Wonderful Surprise?

We extend thanks again to the family of Edna (Roughley) Beales for supplying further information to give us a clearer picture of who Edna was. Now we have a lovely studio photo of Edna, courtesy of her granddaughter Caryn. The photo was probably taken a dozen or more years before Edna represented Australia at the second assembly of the Asian Church Women’s Conference (ACWC) in 1962, but it’s still really nice when we can put a face to a name and the person becomes more real to us. It was at the 1962 ACWC assembly that the delegates voted enthusiastically to continue supporting the Fellowship of the Least Coin (FLC) prayer movement and adopt it as their main project. This prayer movement had

Another Wonderful Surprise

Yesterday, I received another unexpected email; this time from the grandson of Edna Roughley Beales. If you read last week’s blogpost, you’ll remember that I concluded the post with the hope that someone would recognise Edna in the photo of the 1962 Asian Church Women’s Conference. Little did I know that a week later, I would be telling you Edna has been identified by a family member, her grandson. Edna is in the front row of the 1962 photo, 4th from the right—thank you Darren. Australia was well-represented by this accomplished Christian woman, and I first mentioned Edna on the blog on 27 December 2019. It’s not a coincidence that this week I came across an interesting news item in the arch

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