‘Abide in Me—Bear Rich Fruit’

This was the theme of the third assembly of the Asian Church Women’s Conference (ACWC) in 1966. Two Australians attended this assembly held in Tokyo, Japan. Mrs Olga Badger was the elected delegate and Rev. Winifred Kiek was an observer. Winifred Kiek was 82 years of age when she participated in this assembly, and she was the oldest there. Over the years, as the conference numbers have grown, the range of ages has also increased. At the 2006 ACWC assembly, my roommate was aged eighty-one and she wasn’t the only octogenarian in attendance. At the other end of the age scale, there were also young women in their late teens and twenties and thirties, and the new 2006 president was only about for


Many organisations today lament that their membership numbers are not increasing and that bureaucracy, as well as distractions of other commitments, is increasing and consuming their busy members. I found it interesting to read a similar complaint in the 1970 National Committee Minutes of Australian Church Women (ACW) — fifty years ago and just five years after the official formation of ACW. The minutes recorded that: A very real problem facing the Working Committee is the fact that most meetings are taken up by purely 'machinery business'. Little opportunity is available for real constructive planning as all Working Committee members are already heavily involved in work within their own de

What is EASTER?

In 2019, I spent Easter in Perth visiting my parents. The year before, I celebrated Easter with friends in Louisville, Kentucky, in the USA. This year, I am confined to my unit and garden due to the current situation of self-isolation and social distancing, which is worlds away from being able to freely roam to be with family and friends. Easter is very different this year, but no less meaningful. With churches closed, we are discovering new ways of contemplating and celebrating the message of Easter. Many online services have been thoughtfully prepared to help us focus on the sacrifice and triumph of Jesus Christ. As Melbourne’s weather is forecast to be sunny and warm today, I will go into

Tell Me the Old, Old Story

Palm Sunday Tomorrow, 5 April 2020, is Palm Sunday, and as I searched the archives of Australian Church Women for past messages on Easter, I came across this very apt prayer that appeared in the April 1973 edition of the ACW newsletter: The sentiment of this prayer is a message that we are now hearing daily from world leaders and health authorities. That is, to save lives we must be obedient and make sacrifices. Our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, keeps reminding us that with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are in 'unprecedented' times as we experience demands that are totally foreign to most Australians. In order to sustain life and secure the best outcomes for all people, we must put aside selfi

Our Aim/Objectives

Australian Church Women Inc. seeks to unite Christian women across denominational boundaries and to promote peace, understanding and unity through faith and love in one God –Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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