Honouring Australian Church Women

Each year on Australia Day, Australia celebrates and honours the significant achievements and contributions of various Australians by presenting them with awards.* Not all of the recipients of these awards are well-known, so it is also an opportunity to recognise the ‘quiet achievers’ in our communities. Throughout the years of Australian Church Women, some of our ‘quiet achievers’ have been honoured with these awards. One of our earliest ACW members to receive such recognition was Deaconess Mary Maria Andrews, AM, FIBA, a founding member of Australian Church Women. She was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for service to religion on 26 January 1980; this honour was announced

Getting to Know The Reverend Winifred Kiek

In the National Archives of Australian Church Women, there is an inspirational bio of The Reverend Winifred Kiek MA, BD, that was deposited several years ago by the South Australian Unit of ACW. It gives an insight to her ground and ‘glass ceiling’ breaking involvement in the areas of theology, social issues, peace, law, justice, and creative arts. It is no wonder she was called a pioneer in the life and work of Australian women in the church. I have reproduced this bio for your perusal: ‘WINIFRED KIEK (nee Jackson) was born in 1884, in Manchester, England. She took her B.A. degree at Manchester University, and taught for a few years. She married the Rev. Edward Sidney Kiek and they had thre

Can the Lost be Found?

As I proceed with my slow trawl through the National Archives of Australian Church Women, I continue to gather unanswered questions and puzzles that create gaps in our herstory. However, I feel confident that some of the documents and information that I cannot locate are still in existence, but I need others, particularly members of ACW, to help locate ‘the lost’. I have made a number of requests already on this blog regarding the herstories of Australian Church Women, the Asian Church Women’s Conference and the Fellowship of the Least Coin. These are listed below and if you can help with these requests please email me at donna.bryan@salvationarmy.org.au 1. Do you know the Christian names of

The Voice of Shanti Solomon

Would you like to hear Shanti Solomon speaking to you? I know I would. In the National Archives of Australian Church Women, there is a transcript of a recording made of Shanti Solomon, founder of the Fellowship of the Least Coin (FLC). This recording took place at the third Asian Church Women’s Conference (ACWC) in 1966 in Tokyo, Japan, where the tenth anniversary of the FLC was also celebrated. Mrs Olga Badger, an Australian member of the ACWC Planning Committee, recorded a message from Shanti to Australia regarding the Fellowship of the Least Coin. The transcriber of the message has inserted very little punctuation into the transcription and a few words seem to be missing, however, this tr

An Old New Year Message

This New Year message is from the January 1972 ACW National newsletter 'Women at Work'. ANOTHER YEAR has dawned and for all of us in A.C.W. it is a year of responsibility and opportunity. May it be a happy year! But may we also experience enrichment of spirit, enlargement of vision and a strengthening of purpose and – perhaps what we need most of all – a glowing enthusiasm for the work of the Kingdom. Recently in Brisbane, the Federal Treasurer (Mr. Sneddon) said that Australia could no longer afford the current luxury of mobilising only ‘about five per cent’ of the intellectual capacity of women. “Changes must come,” he said, “because the old-fashioned ways of thinking about women and their

Our Aim/Objectives

Australian Church Women Inc. seeks to unite Christian women across denominational boundaries and to promote peace, understanding and unity through faith and love in one God –Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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