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As I slowly make my way through the archives of Australian Church Women, I am encountering some obstacles that are not unique in recording history—namely, errors. Errors occurring in both original and later published records is common to most organisations. Sometimes the errors are insignificant, other times they become magnified with the passage of time. This is particularly so if records are lost or information is published based on oral records. Such is the situation for the Asian Church Women’s Conference, of which Australia is a member country and Australian Church Women is the Australian national body. In recent years, I have been trying to source early records of both the Asian Church

Australia is Introduced to the FLC

In 1963, the Interim Committee of Australian Church Women was advised that a mystery gift had arrived at the office of the Australian Council of Churches — a gift of US$1,000. It was sent on behalf of the Fellowship of the Least Coin from the World Council of Churches in Geneva, Switzerland, and it was to be used for ‘work among Australian aboriginal girls’. But who or what was the Fellowship of the Least Coin? And why were they sending funds to Australia? Very few Australians in 1963 had heard of this fellowship or knew who was behind it. The Fellowship of the Least Coin (FLC) is a worldwide ecumenical movement of prayer for peace, justice and reconciliation. Through this movement, Christia

Do you know the whereabouts?

Do you have a copy or know the whereabouts of a 'pictorial history of the ACW' prepared by Mrs Joan Coates of Melbourne? Apparently, it comprised 50 colour slides and a cassette tape recording. A brief description of these items and their reception appeared in the 'Women at Work' newsletter, 10 October 1971. If you can help locate these items, please email me at donna.bryan@salvationarmy.org.au

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Australian Church Women Inc. seeks to unite Christian women across denominational boundaries and to promote peace, understanding and unity through faith and love in one God –Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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